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Sousse Center Sousse Center
Sousse Center. The central place in the town center. The left picture (north view) looks towards the Avenue Habib Bourguiba, leaving the place in the center of the picture (behind the signs) to the back towards the Beach Promenade. The right picture, taken in the opposite direction (south view), shows a place with trees in front of the Medina, behind which is the "Soula -Center" located and behind that Medina. To the right are the bus and collective taxi stations, to the left starts the Harbour Promenade.
Sousse Bus Station Sousse Bus Station
The Bus Station of Sousse (local traffic) in the north of the Medina (west and southwest view). In the background the medina wall. Behind the bus station is the Louage Station (collective taxi, local traffic) located.
Sousse Center Post Office Sousse Tourist Information
The Post Office (left picture, west view) and the Tourist Office (right picture, north view). Both buildings are located at the central place in the town center. Right of the post office and left of the tourist office is the Train Station (far traffic) located. Left of the post office are the schools of the town center, behind it the bus station (local traffic). Right of the Tourist Office leads the Avenue Habib Bourguiba to the Beach Promenade.
Sousse Harbour Promenade
The Harbour Promenade (not to be mixed up with the Beach Promenade!). In the background of the picture to the left you can see some "pirate ships" for tourists, behind that is the fish market and behind that the Metro train station (Direction Airport-Monastir-Mahdia). If you leave the picture to the right, you will enter the central place, to the left is the harbour and the customs office.

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Photos IndexSousse

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