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Sousse Avenue Habib Bourguiba Sousse Avenue Habib Bourguiba
The Avenue Habib Bourguiba leads from the central place in the town center to the Beach Promenade and is one of the streets on which every tourist in Sousse has walked already. On the left picture (north view), the high building is the Hotel Sousse Palace. The right pictures looks into the opposite direction (south view) to the central place in the town center.
Sousse Avenue Habib Bourguiba Sousse Avenue Habib Bourguiba
Look into the Avenue Habib Bourguiba from the opposite end (south view). To the left ist the Hotel Abou Nawas Boujafaar located, in middle of the picture is the high building of the Hotel Sousse Palace. On the right side, and also as an extra picture, is the Ice Parlour "Cherif", one of the best ice cafes of Sousse, a visit is much recommended.
Sousse Beach Promenade Sousse Beach Promenade
View to the north out of the Avenue Habib Bourguiba, right picture to the north (to the right runs the beach along the Beach Promenade) and left picture to the northwest. In this location various tourist transports can be found (Taxi,Tuktuk, Coaches, Mini Train) - each Sousse tourist has been here already. To the back leads the road to the northern hotel zone (eg. Marhaba Hotels, Ryadh Palms, Samara, Casino) and then further to Khezama, Hammam-Sousse and Port El Kantaoui. This road is also called the "Route Touristique".
Sousse Beach Promenade
The main office in Sousse of the mobile phone company "Tunisiana" ist loacted at the beach promenade, right next to the Hotel Abous Nawas Boujafaar. Here are all services available, like new contracts, solving of technical problems, etc. The office is open Mon-Sat from 0800-2100 and Sunday from 0800-1500 (Exeptions during Ramadan).

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