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Magasin General in Sousse Magasin General in Sousse
The Magasin General is available in almost each bigger town in Tunisia. It is like a warehous and offers medium qualities at low prices. It often carries furniture, appliances and food and is a real alternative to the shops along the streets of the tourist zones (where one can buy often the exact same items, only for much higher prices).
As you can see in the left picture (entrance to the Magasin: behind the lorry with the matress), the Magasin General in Sousse center cannot be spotted easily. Leave the Avenue Habib Bourguiba opposite to the Tourist Office and walk down the small street (right picture), then take the first street left, and walk down for ca. 100m.
The Magasin General is open Mo-Sa 0830-2000 and Sunday 0800-1330 Uhr (exceptions during Ramadan). There is another, fairly big, Magasin General not far away in the "Nejma Complex" and another, small one, in Port El Kantaoui, right at the entrance to the Port. Magasin Generals are the only shops where one can buy alcohole (every day, except fridays).
Tunisia No-Parking Zone Quiet Street in Tunisia
Left: If the curbstones have white-red stripes, parking is not allowed. Right: Off the center one can sometimes find quiet and idyllic streets.
Electric Power Pole in Tunisia Drainage Lid in Tunisia
Left: Power lines in Tunisia, depending on the quality of the cable junctions, at night, sometimes sparking lights can be observed...
Right: A professionally sealed drainage lid, a re-opening can only take place using 
heavy equipment.
Mailbox in Tunisia
This is how a mailbox in Tunisia looks like.

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